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Although "bugs" are familiar to our lives, many of us do not have a good image of "bugs" when we hear the word "bugs". However, it is said that "bugs" will play important roles in society in the future, such as solving the world's food problems, making cancer testing easier, and helping to create a decarbonized society.

In addition to explaining these technologies and the current status of their use, this website, "The World of Bugs Makes You Bug-eyed", also covers the biological viewpoint of "bugs" to deepen your understanding.

Let's learn about "bugs" in advance of a future where their use will be commonplace.

Contents Overview

What are "bugs"?

This section explains what sort of organisms the "bugs" covered in "The World of Bugs Makes You Bug-eyed" are.

Edible Insects

This section explains the edible insects eaten in Japan and around the world.

The World of Bugs

This section explains the technologies and the current status of the use of "bugs" that will be a part of our lives, and the present and future of insect-eating.


This section includes interviews with companies that are using "bugs" in their businesses and our reports on insect-eating and euglena foods.


This section explains the technical words used on this website and the words that need to be explained.

Study Contents

In this section, you can deepen your learning about “bugs” on this website through output. You can use the worksheets to review the contents of this website.

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