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Edible Insects in the World


Chinese food culture has the concept of " Yakushoku Dougen" (food is the source of medicine and is good for health), and many insects have been traditionally eaten. Many of them are still found on the dinner table today.


Korea tends to have many medicinal insects instead of few edible ones. Overall, only locusts and silkworm moths are eaten, and the others are only eaten in certain areas.


The only traditional insect foods in Australia are from the native "Aborigines". Recently, however, many people have become interested in Aboriginal eating habits, and insect foods have begun to be served in restaurants.


In some areas of Italy, people traditionally eat the larvae of the "cheese flies" that grow in cheeses.


In the desert areas of Egypt, people eat a food called "manna". This is said to be the same as the manna in the Old Testament, which is really the nectar excreted by beetles and aphids.


In the south of Russia, grasshoppers are smoked or salted and eaten.

United States

There are two types of edible insects eaten in the U.S., one by Native Americans (Indians) and the other by others.


The native people, Indios, are dispersed in various regions of Brazil and are grouped into many tribes and sub-tribes. Each tribe has its own unique culture, and even in terms of insect-eating, there are differences in the insects they eat and how they eat them.
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